Hotel Jakarta
Amsterdam (NL)

Hotel Jakarta
Amsterdam (NL)

Hotel Jakarta
Amsterdam (NL)

Hotel Jakarta
Amsterdam (NL)

Hotel Jakarta
in Amsterdam

The 4-star Hotel Jakarta is located in Amsterdam at the tip of Java Island and belongs to the WestCord Hotel Group. The hotel building was built in the shape of a piece of cake – inspired by the top of Java Island. Thanks to the modular timber construction, the building was completed in a very short time and impresses with its aesthetics and uniqueness. The hotel has received a whole series of awards recognising the innovative performance and focus on sustainability in the planning and implementation of the building.

Hotel Jakarta
at a glance

Solid wood modules
in the Jakarta Hotel

The Hotel Jakarta was built using a hybrid construction method, combining the building materials solid wood (X-LAM), reinforced concrete and glass. The 176 rooms and suites consist of prefabricated, 30-square-metre room modules made of solid wood and a reinforced concrete floor slab. Due to the quick assembly of the wooden modules, the hotel was completed within only 26 months. The building was designed with a strong focus on sustainability. The consistent implementation of this focus can be seen in the choice of wood as a natural building material as well as in the design of the entire hotel: as a special eye-catcher, an atrium was built on the ground floor, in the middle of which a subtropical garden was laid out. Here you will also find a wellness area with swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar and a bakery. On the top floor, a sky bar with panoramic views provides a spectacular view.
Building project Hotel Jakarta in Amsterdam/Netherlands, Javakade 766 on Java Island
Construction Hybrid construction of reinforced concrete, glass and wooden modules made of X-LAM elements
Completion 2018
Building costs 30 million €
Usable area 16,500 m2
Volume of the wooden components 2,100 m³
Stored CO2in the construction 1,593.9 tCO2
Avoided CO2in the construction 1,912.7 tCO2
Building owner WestCord-Hotels, NL-Amsterdam,
General contractor Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs en Zonen B.V., NL-Warmenhuizen,
Architects SeARCH Architects, NL-Amsterdam,
Structural engineering Pieters Bouwtechniek, NL-Amsterdam,
Factory planning, joinery and delivery of X-LAM elements DERIX-Group & Co., D-Niederkrüchten
Prefabrication/assembly Ursem Modulaire Bouwsysteme B.V., NL-Wognum,

Hotel Jakarta


Working successfully
across borders with Derix.

“Thanks to the smooth communication, we were able to work successfully with DERIX across borders. The know-how of the large family business enabled the timely delivery of the customised building elements for 200 prefabricated hotel rooms, so that they could be installed on site in just two weeks. We were particularly impressed by the company’s adaptability: the standard product was soon adapted to the special requirement of supplying light, knotless silver fir as a surface. A logistical feat in these quantities that was masterfully solved.”

Kathrin Hanf • architect-director at SeARCH bv Amsterdam, NL

Prizes & Awards
for the Hotel Jakarta


„Excellent“ certificate

Hotel Jakarta has been awarded the BREEAM “Excellent” certificate with a score of 71.81%. This certificate is the seal of approval in the Netherlands for assessing new construction projects and renovations in terms of sustainability performance.

Award 2018

In the category “Public Building of the Year”, the Hotel Jakarta 2018 received the Architectenweb Award. The jury’s reasoning: A hotel with a special, public dimension.

World Architecture
Festival Award 2018

In 2018, Hotel Jakarta won the World Architecture Festival Award in the category “Hotel and Leisure – Completed Buildings”.

American Architecture
MasterPrize 2018

The Hotel Jakarta won the American Architecture Masterprize 2018 in the field of “Architectural Design / Green architecture


Gouden A.A.P. 2019 (Amsterdam Architecture Prize)
Green Good Design Award 2019
Nomination BNA Building of the Year Award 2019
Best interior garden of year 2019 VHG
European Interior Landscaping Organisation (EILO) Award 2019 Bronze Leaf in the category interior landscaping for the subtropical garden

The advantages of wood
in Hotel Jakarta

The processed building material wood offers numerous positive effects for the Hotel Jakarta. It gives the whole building a natural and sustainable look and at the same time a particularly noble appearance due to the silver fir surface. In combination with the bamboo cladding in the atrium, the X-LAM elements with silver fir create an almost tropical feel. The natural building material is visible throughout the building, giving each area of the hotel a unique character. In addition to its appearance, wood improves the indoor air through its balancing effect on temperature and humidity.

Sustainable, durable
and energy-neutral

The issues of sustainability and longevity were at the forefront of the client’s mind when designing the building project and, in particular, when choosing the materials. Therefore, it was obvious to use the most sustainable building material: Wood. Almost all the elements installed can be reused after dismantling – this makes the building circular. At the same time, energy-saving measures were used, such as PV systems for heating water or a heat and cold storage system. This climate-friendly overall concept makes the Hotel Jakarta energy-neutral and sustainable. The building has been awarded the BREEAM Excellent certificate and is the most sustainable hotel in the Netherlands. The high degree of prefabrication and the quick assembly of the wooden modules used also met the requirement for a speedy completion of the hotel.

for reference

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December 2018


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February 2019 • Susanne Jacob-Freitag



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