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Our high quality standards for our work and our products are the basis of our success and an elementary component of our company philosophy. That is why we always focus on the quality aspect in all areas of the company. Get an overview of our most important quality assurance measures and aspects.

Precise classification

Timber is a natural product. Therefore, its strength-related properties are also subject to certain fluctuations. We therefore sort all our raw material with the help of high-tech machines that have been specially developed for this purpose. Every single board is x-rayed, scanned on all sides, measured and also optically evaluated. All relevant wood characteristics such as wood moisture, knots, bulk density, curvature, fibre orientation, vibration modulus, annual ring position, etc. are recorded in a mathematical model when determining the strength. On this basis, the respective classification of board strength and appearance is made. The different strength classes can then be arranged in the cross-sectional structure within a beam depending on the stress.


All information about the raw material used in a carrier can be traced back through the individual production steps to the supplier. Already at the incoming goods inspection, each package receives an RFID chip that is read and supplemented with new information at each processing step. When the sorting is completed, each board receives its own ID number and is systematically tracked.

Documented gluing

The gluing of our material is the core process of our technology. Here too, all relevant system parameters such as the application quantity, the lamella temperature during gluing, the mixing ratio and the manufacturer’s batch number are documented for each individual component we produce.


We monitor the gluing quality in our laboratory on a daily basis using retention samples from production. The results of our self-monitoring are independently verified through regular external monitoring and audits.

Precise cutting

In addition to the actual product quality, we also have a high demand on the execution quality of our components. The cutting and further trimming of each component is carried out on specialised CNC equipment. This gives us an enormous precision that is unique in the construction sector. The CNC code is generated directly from the digital twin of the CAD 3D model. The direct integration of the execution planning into the production avoids transfer errors.

Tailor-made protection

The hygroscopicity of wood is a unique property that gives wooden buildings their characteristic, pleasant living atmosphere. However, this natural property of wood also makes it necessary to protect the components from absorbing too much moisture during transport, intermediate storage at the construction site and assembly. We take this aspect particularly seriously and, together with our partner, developed a special coating years ago that protects the wood during this period. We protect all large-format building components with an active substance-free, diffusion-open middle coat stain on a fine-particle pure acrylate basis.

Flexibility through optimised processes

In addition to high product and execution quality, we pay particular attention to optimising our processes. Because quality is not only reflected in the product itself. Thus, we attach great importance to ensuring that the processing of orders with our customers not only runs smoothly and professionally, but is also adapted to individual customer needs. Meanwhile, the processes on the construction site are becoming more and more closely timed. This results in a reduced planning horizon, which demands great flexibility from production. While the market demands an increase in variant and product diversity, ever shorter delivery times are expected. In order to meet these high demands on the procedures in the manufacturing process, we have adapted our entire organisation and follow the concept of the renowned organisational consultant Ernst Weichselbaum and the principle of fixed delivery times “RAP” (= “RAPID PRODUCTION”) developed by him.

DERIX Certificates


Climate neutral company

The DERIX Group produces and operates in a climate-neutral manner. Following a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment with very good results, the DERIX Group is now offsetting the low remaining emissions by purchasing corresponding CO2 certificates.


The DERIX-Group is PEFC certified. PEFC certification confirms that forests are managed in a sustainable manner and according to strict standards. It is proof that wood comes from ecologically, economically and socially sustainably managed forests.

Environmental Product Declaration

In the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for glulam and cross laminated timber, the environmentally relevant properties of our building material are presented neutrally and objectively. The data show: Our components are extremely environmentally friendly products. In addition to the environmentally friendly properties during production as well as throughout use, the reusability of the wood also has a positive impact on the environment.

Environmental certificate Ökoprofit

Our production sites have been awarded the Ökoprofit environmental certificate since 2014. Central topics of this certification are the reduction of water and energy consumption as well as waste reduction and the increase of material efficiency.

Green energy

We cover our energy needs through a mix of our own energy production and the purchase of green electricity. The green electricity we use is generated 100% from renewable energy sources and supports the conscious, sustainable use of the environment and resources.

Eco-label „Holz von Hier“

“Holz von Hier” is a proof of origin and at the same time an eco-label ISO Type I similar according to ISO 14024 with high demands on quality and transparency. It comprehensibly records and documents the material flows along the entire processing chain. It is the only environmental label that records and quantifies actual transports and the associated environmental impacts.


Performance stability (KIT)

Verification of the performance stability of the construction product glulam and cross laminated timber (X-LAM) by the Testing Institute for Steel, Wood and Stone (Official Materials Testing Institute) Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Quality mark for glued timber construction

The monitoring mark glulam of the Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau e.V. proves that our glulam exceeds the legal requirements.

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