Retail buildings
Pleasant shopping

Retail buildings
made of DERIX wood

In modern and aesthetically pleasing markets built with the natural material wood, daily shopping becomes an experience. Our solid wood elements support a high-quality and healthy shopping environment and promote a positive shopping experience. In addition, timber construction offers many other advantages such as large spans and flexible floor plan design.

Why build markets
with DERIX wood?

Our wooden elements create a particularly pleasant atmosphere in market buildings that invites you to linger. Learn about the other advantages.

High quality and aesthetics

Our timber structures can be planned flexibly and can be used for the implementation of a wide variety of architectural designs. If you choose a construction method with DERIX timber structures, you can customise your market building and build it to a high standard of quality. You can also benefit from the positive effect that your individually designed market building can have on the purchasing behaviour of your customers.

Timber construction
conveys health

Wood as a building material is a natural material associated with health. This also has a positive effect on the goods offered in the market, which are perceived as more natural and healthier in a sustainably designed environment.

Fast and professional

With our timber structures, the construction project can be implemented quickly and economically. Large spans allow flexible column-free areas in the market.

Calming atmosphere

Wood is a warm and healthy building material. It creates a cosy, calming atmosphere in market buildings and a healthy indoor climate to feel good in.

Contribution to
climate protection

The construction of a sustainable building made of wood makes an important contribution to climate protection. In addition, the wood used gives the market a positive, green image.

Residual value enhancement
through circularity

Market buildings become ecological and circular real estate through our glulam construction method, which can also be rebuilt elsewhere later on. This has a positive effect on the residual value of the building at the end of its useful life.


Individual glulam

With our glulam, individual constructions can be built, because we produce the components in almost any shape and size – entirely according to your wishes. The kiln-dried wooden boards are joined together by finger-jointing to form long lamellas. Discover our diverse range of glulam.

Sustainable building with wood

Wood is a renewable and natural raw material that stores CO2 and thus relieves the environment. Wood is a renewable and natural raw material that stores CO2 and thus relieves the environment. Learn more about the topic of sustainability when building with wood.


Sample order

Convince yourself of the properties of our wooden construction elements and order a sample now.


Information and suggestions on building with wood can be found in the download area.

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