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Wood is the building material of the future. Its use is constantly increasing. This increasing popularity is not only due to its structural and physical advantages. The important contribution that wood can make as a building material in overcoming current challenges facing society as a whole is increasingly making it the material of choice.

New dimensions
in engineered timber construction

Das Bauen mit Holz hat eine klima­politische Dimension, denn Holz ist der einzige Baustoff, der CO2 bindet, es somit der Atmos­phäre entzieht und der Klima­erwärmung aktiv ent­gegen­wirkt. Darüber hinaus schonen wir durch unsere Nutzung von Holz aus nach­haltiger Forst­wirt­schaft unsere Ressourcen, denn Holz wächst nach und kann nach Ablauf der Lebens­dauer eines Gebäudes für den Bau eines neuen auch zirkulär genutzt werden.

Die positiven Effekte, die der Holzbau für Klima und Umwelt hat, werden durch den Aspekt der Wohn­gesund­heit ergänzt: Das Natur­material Holz wirkt feuchtig­keits­aus­gleichend und ver­bessert so die Raum­luft. Hiervon profitieren alle Menschen, die sich in Gebäuden aus Holz aufhalten. Die ästhetische Optik des Natur­materials und seine enorme Flexi­bilität runden diese Vorzüge ab und steigern die Attraktivi­tät des Baustoffs zusätzlich: Mit Holz können unzählige architek­tonische Entwürfe qualitativ hoch­wertig umgesetzt werden. Ob Trag­werk­systeme mit riesigen Spann­weiten, Hochhäuser aus Massivholz oder modulare Hotels aus Holz – die Möglich­keiten sind grenzenlos.

Entdecken Sie mit DERIX neue Dimensionen im Ingenieurholzbau.


DERIX management expanded: Markus Steppler is Managing Director

DERIX management expanded:
Markus Steppler is Managing Director

22.05.2024DERIX management expanded: Markus Steppler is Managing Director Markus Steppler, new member of the Executive Board of the DERIX Group Markus Steppler has been Managing Director at the DERIX Group since April 2024 and strengthens the now four-member...


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We are experts in timber engineering and successfully realise projects with our individual timber constructions. We are a strong and reliable partner for our customers. Get to know our company in detail.

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Wood is an excellent building material because its positive properties mean that this natural material offers a whole range of advantages when it comes to building. Learn more about the building material of the future and the advantages it brings.


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Working successfully
across borders with Derix.

The expertise in this big-thinking family business enabled the timely delivery of the customised building elements for 200 prefabricated hotel rooms, so that they could be installed on site in just two weeks. We were particularly impressed by the company’s adaptability: in no time at all, the standard product was adapted to the special specification of supplying light, knotless silver fir as the surface. A logistical feat in these quantities that was solved in a virtuoso manner.

Kathrin Hanf • architect-director at SeARCH bv Amsterdam, NL

The care in production and
execution exceeded the most secret wishes.

When we decided on a wooden building in the design process for the new head office of Triodos Bank NL, no one had any idea of the new dimensions this would entail. For everyone involved, it was new territory and sometimes very uncomfortable. In the DERIX-Group we found a partner who, thanks to its many years of experience, was able to give the parties involved comfort at all levels, in a situation that was uncomfortable for them. Not only did we receive excellent advice, but the care taken in production and execution surpassed even the most secret wishes. Particularly pleasant was the experience of working not just with one company, but with a “timber family”. A family business that has incorporated and internalised the “wood way” into their DNA for decades. The DERIX family.

Thomas Rau • Architect and founder of Turntoo and RAU

We have enjoyed many years of
successful cooperation with the DERIX-Group.

“We have been working successfully with the DERIX-Group for many years. I particularly appreciate the reliability and the competent exchange in partnership during the planning and implementation of the projects. The high quality and accuracy of fit with which the components are manufactured is worth its weight in gold and, in addition to a high-quality result, leads above all to short construction times. Due to the excellent results and the good mutual basis of trust, I always enjoy working with the DERIX-Group.”

Dr. Rüdiger Schmitz • Managing Director, Schmitz Engineering Company Ltd.

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