Triodos Bank
Driebergen-Rijsenburg (NL)

Triodos Bank
Driebergen-Rijsenburg (NL)

Triodos Bank
Driebergen-Rijsenburg (NL)

Triodos Bank
in Driebergen-Rijsenburg

A fully sustainable office building was built in Driebergen-Rijsenburg in the Netherlands: Triodos Bank. The location of the building is the De Reehorst estate, which focuses on the protection of nature and a harmony between nature, economy and culture. The basic shape of the building is amoeba-like – based on the flight paths of the bats that are based there. In keeping with the concept of the location, nature has also been given the leading role in the newly built office building: Planted roofs, animal-friendly details and the sustainable and natural building material wood are just some of the environmentally conscious aspects of the building project.

Triodos Bank
at a glance

Three towers
made from wood

Triodos Bank in Driebergen-Rijsenburg consists of three towers of different heights, these are connected alternately on the ground floor and on the first two floors. The timber construction consists of L-shaped glulam trusses that cantilever around the building cores like a mushroom. The stairwells, light wells and installation shafts are also built of wood.
Building project Triodos Bank, Hoofstraat 14b, Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Niederlande
Construction X-LAM and glulam
Start of construction September 2017
Completion March 2019
Volume of the wooden components More than 2,600 m³
Stored CO2 in the construction 1,973 tCO2
Avoided CO2 in the construction 2,368 tCO2
Regrowth speed in german forests 78 minutes
Client J.P. van Eesteren,
Building owner Join / OVG
Owner Triodos Bank Zeist,
Architects Rau architecten,
Engineering office main statics Arohnson in Rotterdam,
Engineering office wood construction ABT in Velp,
Production and assembly of the wooden elements DERIX-Group


The care in production and execution
exceeded the most secret wishes.

When we decided on a wooden building in the design process for the new head office of Triodos Bank NL, no one had any idea of the new dimensions that would be involved. It was new territory for everyone involved and sometimes very uncomfortable. In the DERIX-Group we found a partner who, thanks to its many years of experience, was able to give the parties involved comfort at all levels in a situation that was uncomfortable for them. Not only were we given excellent advice, but the care taken in production and execution exceeded even the most secret wishes. The experience of working not only with one company but with a “timber family” was particularly pleasant. A family business that has incorporated and internalised the “wood path” into their DNA for decades. The DERIX family.

Thomas Rau • Architect and founder of Turntoo and RAU

Prizes & Awards
for Triodos Bank

Awards 2021

Triodos Bank won the BREEAM Award in the Commercial Projects Post Construction category in 2021.

Awards 2019

Triodos Bank was named Office Building of the Year at the 2019 Architectenweb Awards ceremony.

Awards 2019

Triodos Bank was named the most sustainable project of 2019.


Vogelbescherming Nederland en Zoogdiervereniging Award “Nature Compatible Building and Design” 2019
Duurzaam Bouwen Award ‘Most Sustainable Project in the Netherlands 2020

The advantages of wood
at Triodos Bank

In addition to the design of the building, the building material for this project in the Netherlands also had to be in harmony with nature. Thus, the choice fell on the ecological and sustainable building material wood: more than 2,600 m³ of glulam and X-LAM was used in the Triodos Bank – almost 100 % wood content is included in the main structure of the building. Deconstructability also played a decisive role in the choice of material: Due to the screw connections, the wooden construction can be completely deconstructed.

in every detail

De Reehorst Estate, the location of Triodos Bank, pursues the vision of a balance between nature, culture and economy. Therefore, this new building also follows this vision – it is completely sustainable. The wood used makes it rebuildable and modular. In addition, the building is completely energy-neutral thanks to the heat and cold storage tanks and the “PV systems”. The glass facade provides daylight throughout the building and the interior walls are also largely transparent to retain daylight and save energy for lighting. Triodos Bank’s green roofs not only have an insulating and cooling effect, but are also insect-friendly. Other animals such as bats and birds also benefit from integrated nest boxes.

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