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With us as experts in timber engineering, you have a strong partner at your side. At DERIX, customer benefit is the focus of our work. Through efficient project organisation, interlocking teamwork and state-of-the-art technology, we deliver high-quality results with pinpoint accuracy. Learn more about your advantages when working with DERIX.

More security for your project:
Our promise to you.

DERIX values triangle

Cost certainty

The principles of our RAP organisation ensure permanent optimisation of cost structures: continuous improvement and the avoidance of waste is the goal.


Appointment security

The entire DERIX organisational structure is focused on customer deadlines and not on volumes. This ensures that orders are processed reliably and on time.


Quality assurance

Our team organisation ensures that each team member takes responsibility for his or her actions, thus guaranteeing quality in the long term. Orders are thoroughly checked and clarified in detail before they are sent to production.

High degree of prefabrication

Our timber components are precisely prefabricated and delivered to the construction site just in time. This shortens the assembly and thus the overall construction time of your project. Our CNC joinery systems ensure maximum prefabrication of the components with extremely high fitting accuracy, reproducibility and direct CAD/CAM transfer. The DERIX-Group has a total of nine CNC machining systems. This makes us the leader in Europe in this field.

Resource efficiency,

Sustainability is the focus at DERIX. In addition to the construction method with wood, our machinery and our production process in particular are also sustainable and resource-efficient. We have state-of-the-art facilities that are energy efficient and very material efficient, minimising waste. Our production is almost climate-neutral due to our own sustainable energy production.

The DERIX-RAP organisation: our production philosophy
adapted to your construction project

We can already promise binding delivery times when placing the order. We follow the principle of fixed delivery times “RAP” (=’RAPID PRODUCTION’) according to the renowned organisational consultant Ernst Weichselbaum. The RAP system is based on deadline-oriented business management. Here, the order is processed according to a schedule event chain in which all the activities required to realise the customer order are placed in a time-dependent relationship to the delivery date. The basis for the scheduling event chain is the order execution plan (AAP) agreed with the customer with all customer-relevant requirements, such as delivery sequence for construction sections up to the detailed loading sequence of the truck for assembly. The steps or sections in the AAP are worked on by the respective teams on their own responsibility. Our processes follow lean construction principles and meet the high flexibility requirements for production and assembly in terms of our customer projects.

Order processing plan RAP

DERIX values triangle


Approval planning, also called input planning or submission planning, is a part of construction planning for the creation of structures. It forms the fourth phase of the service phases according to HOAI and includes all the work required to compile a building application with the aim of obtaining a building permit. An approved, released and informative approval planning is the fundamental basis for the trade-specific implementation planning.

Implementation planning

Within the framework of the trade-specific implementation planning, the preceding design planning or approval planning is worked through and detailed to such an extent that the timber construction can be realised. The focus of the implementation planning is the preparation of the trade-specific static dimensioning as well as the associated construction and work plans, usually on a larger scale. The aim of the implementation planning is a set of plans that is released for construction.

Examination builder and engineer

The final review of the implementation planning and the associated release for production is the responsibility of the client. In this case, the architectural and dimensional approval is carried out directly by the client, and the static test is usually carried out by the test engineer, who is in turn commissioned directly by the client. In order to be able to adhere to the entire schedule, the client is also required to adhere to the contractual timeframe for this. If there are significant changes after the inspection with a corresponding revision run of the implementation planning, this leads to an additional time requirement which entails rescheduling of the AAP or delivery date.

Workshop planning

Workshop planning is a part of construction planning. The basis of workshop planning is the implementation planning. The results of production-specific workshop planning are workshop plans (e.g. individual part drawings and nesting drawings), also called workshop drawings, as well as parts and assembly lists.


The "clear point" is of elementary importance for the overall processing period of the order. To reach the "clear point", all approvals from the customer, including those from the test engineer, must be available and any necessary changes must be digitally incorporated into the CAD execution documents.

Procurement periods

The procurement periods for materials, subcontractor services and other services are usually firmly coordinated or scheduled with the respective partners and amount to between 10 and 15 working days. For the approval of special transports, the procurement periods can sometimes be significantly longer due to the difficult motorway situation. Therefore, the aim is to apply for permits at the earliest possible planning stage.

OK point

Interface between sales and production at which all production orders are handed over with the transfer of the production documents free of queries. The "OK POINT" is usually six working days before delivery. Sales and the customer thus determine the delivery date with the "OK POINT". For orders with several construction or delivery sections, a breakdown into several "OK points" is carried out.


The production of the components takes place according to the RAP concept within a fixed lead time (usually 6 days) from the OK point handover to delivery to the construction site. Since only a certain quantity can be transferred per OK point and order, it may be necessary to divide the order over several OK point days. If the assembly sequence on the construction site exceeds the production possibility in the same period, OK point handovers are brought forward and the components are temporarily stored at the factory so that the delivery timing agreed with the customer can be adhered to.


The completion date agreed with the customer is decisive for the creation of the order execution plan AAP: Based on the corresponding time periods for the upstream planning and processes, all necessary interim dates and events are calculated backwards here.

Optimal scheduling of
production and delivery times

Adherence to deadlines and short construction times are a big plus for competitiveness in the construction industry. Our claim is therefore to optimally schedule delivery and production periods for each project. Our customers thus benefit from a high degree of flexibility in the construction process.

Maximum digitalisation
and automation

Production at DERIX is highly automated and therefore extremely efficient. All data relevant to a construction project is recorded and managed in our ERP system. This means that all components are produced and delivered exclusively to order and just in time. The raw material is thoroughly checked by us using the latest scanner and X-ray technology to ensure high-quality end products. As part of our holistic Industry 4.0 approach, material flows are fully transparent and we can supply our customers flexibly, on time and in a controllable manner.

Innovative machinery
with state-of-the-art technology

Our machinery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We attach great importance to the use of state of the art technology as well as to the reliability of the powerful machines. All our plant technology is designed around our RAP production philosophy. Due to the clocked and deadline-oriented production, the components are produced just in time according to the construction site clocking. Always with the aim of being able to react flexibly and efficiently to customer wishes and market requirements at all times. Our innovative machinery forms an important basis for the precise prefabrication of our products and the enormous resource efficiency with which we produce.

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With DERIX as a strong partner at your side, you will implement your construction projects sustainably and efficiently.


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