Individual construction elements
made of cross laminated timber

Innovative building with cross laminated timber

Our X-LAM is constructed from at least three layers of sawn timber glued together at right angles to each other. As a load-bearing panel or pane element, X-LAM has excellent structural and static properties. X-LAM is a solid, very load-bearing building material, and the prefabricated components are quick and easy to assemble on site. This modern and at the same time proven building material replaces masonry and concrete. The construction elements made of X-LAM are customised for you and manufactured according to your wishes – including all necessary processing, for example for the installation of the electrical wiring. X-LAM is also known nationally as Brettsperrholz (BSP) and internationally as cross laminated timber (CLT).


Plate dimensions

Length: up to 17,80 m
Width: up to 3.50 m
Thickness: up to 400 mm

Wood species/strength classes

Spruce: C24 Wood moisture: 10 % ± 2 % Bulk density: approx. 450 kg/m³


Westerkappeln factory:
1C polyurethane adhesives (PUR),
Classification Type I acc. the EN 15425 (2008) standard
without addition of solvents and formaldehyde

Niederkrüchten factory:
Melamine resin gluing system GripPro-Plus, approved
according to DIN EN 301:2018. This new generation of adhesive
does not contain any hazardous substances to be declared. With
emission values of 1/10 of the permissible limit values
these values correspond to those of natural wood.

Cutting + joinery

All glued blanks are precisely machined by us using the latest CNC technology. We have nine large-format CNC machines with a maximum length of almost 80 metres in operation, look back on more than 20 years of experience in professional woodworking and therefore see ourselves as the market leader in the field of CNC wood trimming. The transfer of the CAD design data into our CAM system for the generation of the CNC control enables the continuous integration of the BIM planning into the production process. The X-LAM elements nested in master panels are precisely formatted to geometry on gantry systems, window and door cut-outs are milled out. Optionally, profiling can be carried out along the cut edges for groove, rebate or stepped rebate for element joints and holes and milled holes can be incorporated for BSE installation. For the invisible, concealed laying of cables, deep holes can be drilled through the narrow side of the panels at right angles to the longitudinal direction of the panel. For a double-sided machining of the panel surfaces, the panels are turned on a turner, fed to the CNC system for a second machining pass and precisely re-measured here.

Calculated burn-up rate

0.65 mm / minute

What can X-LAM do?

Our components made of X-LAM have many advantages in application. Due to the customised production and the large format of the panels, they offer you great freedom in the individual design of your buildings as well as shortened construction and assembly times due to the high degree of prefabrication. In addition, wood as a building material ensures a pleasant indoor climate and a high level of living comfort. The environment will also thank you, because the X-LAM elements made of sustainable wood have an excellent CO2 balance.

for users

Advantages for planners

Our customised construction elements made of X-LAM offer you flexible design options for your building planning while at the same time providing high stability and safety. X-LAM is a certified product and all important planning information for you is laid down in the European Technical Approval (ETA). The static values are stored in our design software X-LAM-Designer– here you receive validatable results for the planning of your projects in advance.

  • Product approved by the building authorities
  • Individual design options
  • Simple planning
  • Simple connection technology
  • High load capacity
  • High fire protection
  • Good structural-physical properties
  • Earthquake-proof

Advantages for builders

The natural building material wood creates a feel-good atmosphere in your building due to the pleasant room climate and the warm surface temperature. The construction of your property can be completed quickly because the solid, prefabricated X-LAM components have only a short production and assembly time.

  • Pleasant room climate
  • Economical construction
  • Enormous binding of CO2
  • High degree of prefabrication
  • Short construction time and fast assembly
  • Solid construction without cavities
  • Summer thermal insulation
  • Durable building material

Advantages for the environment

Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material, because it is the only one that stores CO2 and thus removes it from the atmosphere. And it is the only one that grows back. Building with X-LAM wooden elements from DERIX therefore has a positive impact on the environment – especially as the raw material for our X-LAM is obtained exclusively from sustainable forest management. The production and processing of the elements requires very little energy, which means that the positive effect of the wood’s CO2 storage is maintained and contributes sustainably to climate protection.

  • Excellent ecological balance (binding of CO2)
  • Only wood grows back indefinitely
  • Best material for circular construction
  • Take-back obligation for all our components

Surface qualities

Depending on your wishes and requirements, we produce our wall and ceiling elements from X-LAM in different surface qualities. For spruce wood, we distinguish between non-visible quality and visible quality. But we also produce various special surfaces such as other types of wood, cutting techniques or glazes according to your requirements. Learn more about the different surface qualities of our X-LAM elements.

for X-LAM

Flexible assembly

Whether for wall, ceiling or roof construction – our individual X-LAM elements made of cross laminated timber offer maximum flexibility in construction and can be optimised accordingly for the static requirements of your buildings through the number of layers, their orientation and the combination of different lamella thicknesses. Due to the crosswise construction, our X-LAM components are very dimensionally stable. They can transfer loads both longitudinally and transversely to the main load-bearing direction and can be designed as a shear field to stabilise the buildings. Since the orientation of the layers is decisive for the static load-bearing capacity and stability, we use X-panels for wall structures and L-panels for ceiling structures. In addition to our standard superstructures, we produce superstructures individually according to the specific requirements of your building.

Wall construction “X-panels”

DERIX values triangle

Wall construction "X-panels"

Optimum load dissipation of the vertical forces through arrangement of the outer layer transverse to the longitudinal direction of the panel.

Ceiling construction “L panels”

DERIX Structure

Ceiling construction "L panels"

Optimum load transfer due to the arrangement of the outer layers in the longitudinal direction of the panel.

Downloads for
flexible assembly

Example set-ups

Brochure • PDF, 10.8MB

Download (German article)

Swelling / shrinking behaviour

Wood can absorb and release moisture. This natural property creates a particularly pleasant indoor climate. However, the change in wood moisture content simultaneously causes a material-specific change in volume, which is referred to as “swelling and shrinkage behaviour” and which can result in the development of uncontrolled cracks and cracking noises. This swelling and shrinkage effect is generally prevented with our high-tech material X-LAM: The crosswise gluing of the boards and the technical drying of the wood to a wood moisture content of 10 ± 2% minimises the change in volume. A partially bonded narrow side joint between the lamellae during the pressing process compensates for swelling and shrinkage and prevents cracking and cracking noises.

Statics & Dimensioning

DERIX X-LAM consists of crosswise glued board lamellas. As a result, it has excellent static properties with a comparatively low dead weight. The direction-dependent strength and elasticity properties of the softwood used make the statics of the X-LAM elements unique: In contrast to a glulam cross-section, the transverse layers experience shear stress perpendicular to their longitudinal direction (rolling shear). Since the corresponding rolling shear modulus of the transverse plies is many times lower than the shear modulus of the longitudinal plies, the shear deformation is mainly determined by the transverse plies. The design is thus influenced by the total deformation as well as the shear deformation.

Downloads for Statics & Dimensioning

Statics and Dimensioning

Brochure • PDF, 10.8MB

Download (German article)

Sound insulation

Sound insulation is an important topic in construction – after all, a low noise level contributes to well-being during the subsequent use of the building. It is therefore advisable to pay special attention to the issue of sound insulation when planning a building. Carefully selected superstructures and the consideration of sound insulation requirements in the construction of the building ensure a convincing result. Talk to us – we will be happy to advise you.

Downloads for Sound insulation

Sound insulation

Brochure • PDF, 10.8MB

Download (German article)

Fire protection

Our components made of wood contain a natural internal fire protection: In case of fire, a charred outer layer forms due to the effect of pyrolysis, which conducts heat poorly and thus protects the core of the cross-section. In addition, this layer increasingly prevents oxygen from finding its way inside the wood. This limits the spread of fire. Modern wooden houses easily meet the standard value for private dwellings of 30 minutes resistance time without functional restriction. In multi-storey construction, fire resistance durations of up to 90 minutes are also easily achieved, depending on the requirements.

Downloads for Fire protection

Standards and properties

Brochure • PDF, 5.1MB

Download (German article)

Further information

Brochure • PDF, 2.8MB

Download (German article)


Our components made of wood contain a natural internal fire protection: In case of fire, a charred outer layer forms due to the effect of pyrolysis, which conducts heat poorly and thus protects the core of the cross-section. In addition, this layer increasingly prevents oxygen from finding its way inside the wood. This limits the spread of fire. Modern wooden houses easily meet the standard value for private dwellings of 30 minutes resistance time without functional restriction. In multi-storey construction, fire resistance durations of up to 90 minutes are also easily achieved, depending on the requirements.

Downloads for Fasteners


Brochure • PDF, 10.8MB

Download (German article)

Composite components

Ceiling as wood-concrete composite

In addition to board stack elements, X-LAM (cross laminated timber) elements can be used as an alternative in HBV ceilings and the load-bearing capacity and serviceability can thus be significantly increased compared to pure X-LAM ceilings. The composite effect between concrete and X-LAM can be realised analogously to glulam, but particularly economically by means of Kerven (a form-fitting contact connection).

Ceiling as X-LAM/Glulam composite

For the realisation of long-span ceilings, composite cross-sections made of X-LAM (flange or plate) and glulam (web) offer an interesting alternative to wood-concrete composite systems. In contrast to pure glulam composite cross-sections, these so-called ribbed ceilings (similar to PI panels) are usually manufactured using screw-press bonding.


Handling X-LAM in a manner suitable for building materials

Whether for transport, storage or installation – in our leaflet you will find all the relevant information for handling our X-LAM in a way that is appropriate for the building material.

Take-back obligation

Sustainability and resource conservation are important guidelines in the DERIX-Group. That is why we actively promote the practice of circular construction: we take back timber construction elements that are no longer used. This ideally creates an infinite material cycle for maximum sustainability and circularity. Learn more about our take-back obligation.

Environmental Product Declaration

In the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for glulam and cross laminated timber, the environmentally relevant properties of our X-LAM are presented neutrally and objectively. This shows the environmental impact of our product on the entire life cycle of the wood. The data show: X-LAM is an extremely environmentally friendly product. In addition to the environmentally friendly properties during production as well as throughout use, the reusability of the wood also has a positive impact on the environment.

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