Playing in a healthy environment

Kindergartens made of
DERIX wood

Young children of pre-school age are particularly sensitive to harmful substances or an unpleasant atmosphere. Therefore, when planning buildings for children, it is particularly important to avoid harmful substances and to use natural materials. The sustainable building material wood scores here in many respects and is increasingly being used in the construction of day-care centres for children due to its positive influence on indoor air and atmosphere. In addition to the health aspect, the use of wood in the construction of kindergartens can even have an educational value: Children can learn from a very concrete example how important it is to think and act sustainably – and also to build.

Why build day care centres
with DERIX wood?

Our wooden elements provide a healthy playing and learning environment thanks to their positive properties. They thus enable better concentration in a pleasant atmosphere. Pedagogically valuable learning effects on sustainable living can be added here. Get to know all the advantages.

Robust and natural surfaces

Wood is a natural material that has a positive effect on the room atmosphere. In kindergartens, this can create attractive and durable surfaces that are easy to maintain.

Better ability
to concentrate

Wood absorbs moisture from the room air and releases it again. This creates a balanced indoor climate in your day care centre, which increases the children’s well-being and ability to concentrate.

Learning effect

The children come into contact with the sustainable material wood at an early age through the wooden construction and visible wooden surfaces in the day care centre and can learn how important sustainability is in all areas of life and how to support the environment.

High quality
and aesthetics

DERIX timber construction elements are of high quality and are suitable for the implementation of countless architectural designs due to their flexibility. An attractively designed day care centre with natural materials invites you to stay and feel good.


Day care centres become ecological and potentially circular real estate through the use of wood in their construction. Even after the end of their useful life, the solid wood elements of the kindergarten can be reassembled elsewhere and reused for other construction projects.

Fast availability due to
short construction time

The high level of prefabrication of the timber construction elements and the dry construction method result in a short construction time. This makes your day care centre quickly available and ready for use.


X-LAM element construction

Whether roof, ceiling or wall – X-LAM can be used in a variety of ways. Our X-LAM element construction gives you great freedom in building design. The flexibly usable elements made of cross laminated timber are custom-made for you and can be assembled quickly and easily.

Wooden module construction

The timber modular construction method makes fast and sustainable building possible. We prefabricate three-dimensional wooden room cells in the factory, which are then assembled on site. From planning to production to the turnkey building – get to know DERIX modular construction.

Sustainable building with wood

Wood is a renewable and natural raw material that stores CO2 and thus relieves the environment. Buildings made of wood thus have a positive effect on the atmosphere and always remain a source of raw materials due to the reusability of wood. Learn more about the topic of sustainability when building with wood.


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Information and suggestions on building with wood can be found in the download area.

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