Wood balancing moisture

The measured wood moisture indicates how much water is present in the wood in percent by weight. Wood has the property of adapting its own moisture to the respective climate of the environment. The change in the surrounding climate leads to a change in the water content in the wood. The wood absorbs or releases water. The changes in wood moisture content cause a change in volume, shrinkage or swelling of the wood.

Factors influencing the
moisture content of wood in the construction industry

The equilibrium moisture content of wood is the moisture content of the wood that sets in after a certain time, taking into account the respective climate. It is also called sorption isotherms and depends on factors such as relative humidity and temperature.

Especially in construction, knowledge of the wood equilibrium moisture content is of great importance, as it provides information on how the wood will behave under certain climatic conditions. Therefore, it is important to consider the wood equilibrium moisture content when using wood in construction in order to avoid damage and deformation.

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