Wood moisture

The wood moisture content, expressed as u in %, indicates the ratio of the water weight contained in the wood to the weight of the absolutely dry wood. The weight of the wood substance without water is evaluated as 100% and referred to as kiln weight.

The calculation of
wood moisture in practice

In practice, the wood moisture content is calculated according to the following formula:
Diese Berechnung ist notwendig für eine genaue Ermittlung der Holzfeuchte beim Darrverfahren. Die Anfangsfeuchtigkeit des Holzes wird dabei als ua [%] und die Endfeuchtigkeit als ue [%]. bezeichnet.

Why is the determination
of wood moisture important?

The determination of the wood moisture content is of great importance, especially for the processing of wood. This is because the level of wood moisture affects both the workability and the quality of the wood. Wood that is too moist can lead to deformation or cracks and is more susceptible to mould. Wood that is too dry, on the other hand, can become brittle and fragile.

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