Solid structural timber

Solid structural timber (KVH®) is a special type of sawn construction timber that is produced from sawn softwood through further refinement steps. In this process, the lamella-like pieces of wood are joined together by finger-jointing and cut to specific dimensions. This creates a particularly stable and resilient wood that is ideal for use in house construction.

Solid structural timber meets the highest requirements

Solid structural timber reliably fulfils the increased requirements for structural timber for house construction laid down in ATV DIN 18334. Thanks to the special production process and the use of high-quality sawn softwood, KVH® offers high stability and load-bearing capacity. It is therefore ideally suited for use in load-bearing structures such as roof trusses or ceilings.

KVH®-Si and KVH®-NSi:
Different surface finishes for different uses

Depending on the intended use, two assortments are produced: KVH®-Si for structures that remain visible and KVH®-NSi for structures that do not remain visible. The difference between the two assortments lies mainly in the surface finish. While KVH®-Si has a particularly smooth and finely ground surface, KVH®-NSi is somewhat rougher and less machined. This makes it cheaper to produce and makes it perfect for constructions that will be clad later anyway.

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