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Riding centre
Riesenbeck Inter­national

The Riesenbeck International Riding Centre near the Teutoburg Forest is a world-renowned and renowned facility for horse training as well as education and further training. In order to meet the increasing demands, the capacities of the international centre were expanded by two new riding halls. The impressive spans of the halls were made possible by the DERIX timber structure.

Riesenbeck International
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Timber structure with
large span width

The new, imposing and large indoor riding arena at the Riesenbeck International Riding Centre impresses with a span of 53 m and consists of 14 three-hinged frames that are articulated at the ridge and at the base. The 30.25 m long components were placed on 1.90 m high concrete supports with the help of two large cranes. The vertical load transfer and bracing is carried out via BSH frames, while the horizontal load transfer is carried out via three additionally braced wind bracings, which transfer the loads via round steel diagonals into the eaves walls. The riding area of this hall is 80 x 40 m and the external dimensions are 87 x 61 m – making it the largest stationary European riding hall. The second hall offers a riding area of 60 x 25 m. In addition to the riding area, both halls offer a preparation area as a covered connection and have uninsulated building shells made of clinker brickwork and translucent polycarbonate panels.
Building project Riding centre Riesenbeck International, Surenburg 20, 48477 Riesenbeck
Construction Glulam three-hinged frame
Start of planning April 2014
Delivery of the small hall June 2014
Delivery of the large hall August 2014
Total completion March 2015
Volume of the wooden components 600 m³ Glulam
Stored CO2 in the construction 455,40 tCO2
Avoided CO2 in the construction 546,48 tCO2
Regrowth speed in german forests 18 minutes
Building owner Ludger Beerbaum Stables GmbH, D-Riesenbeck www.ludger-beerbaum.de
Architects Planning Group Hilker Stiller GmbH & Co. KG, D-Hörstel, www.stillerservice.de
Work planning, statics and delivery of the timber elements DERIX-Group, www.derix.de

Riding hall Riesenbeck

The advantages through
wood at the Riding Centre Riesenbeck

The riding halls in Riesenbeck are characterised by an impressive span, which is made possible by the excellent static properties of wood as a building material. By using a wooden supporting structure, it was possible to create spacious rooms that offer a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

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