Multi-family houses

Multi-family houses

Multi-family houses

Multi-family houses

Multi-family houses

Multi-family houses
made of wood

In Nettetal-Lobberich, two multi-family houses were built in timber modular construction in just 10 months. These are accessed via “Kempener Straße” and “Johannes Torka Straße”. The residential buildings each consist of eight residential units with two different flat sizes and are identical in construction.

Multi-family houses in Nettetal-Lobberich
at a glance

Three-storey residential buildings
made of wooden modules

The three-storey residential buildings are founded on proven reinforced concrete floor slabs. The central access core and the three flats per storey connected to it are made of wooden modules prefabricated in the factory. On the ground floor, the basement replacement rooms and the technical room replace one residential unit. There are two flat types: a 2‑room flat with 55 m² of living space and a 4‑room flat with 92 m² of living space. The 16 residential units consist of ten 2‑room flats and six 4‑room flats.
Building project Multi-family houses in Nettetal-Lobberich, Kempener Str. & Johannes Torka Str., 41334 Nettetal
Construction Wooden module construction
Completion 2020
Construction time 10 months
BGF 11,536 m²
Usable area 1,320 m²
Living space 1,122 m²
Volume of the wooden components 800 m³
Stored CO2 in the construction 607.20 tCO2
Avoided CO2 in the construction 728.64 tCO2
Regrowth speed in german forests 24 minutes
Building owner Avium Projekt 9 GmbH & Co. KG, D-Mönchengladbach
Architects Jürgen Hoffmann, D-Krefeld,
Engineering office Ripkens Wiesenkämper, D-Essen,
Planning and assembly of the wooden elements DERIX-Group

Multi-family houses in Nettetal

Modular construction
one storey per day

The total of 54 timber modules for the apartment buildings in Nettetal-Lobberich were prefabricated in the factory by approx. 75 %. The finishing work included the installation of windows and facade bands, finished bathrooms and electrical, heating, sanitary and ventilation installations. At the construction site, the modules were finally assembled step by step together with the balconies made of precast concrete parts. One storey of nine modules was created per assembly day. This was followed by further work such as the construction of the conventional clinker facade and the interior fittings.


Wooden module construction

Our timber modular construction method opens up a new dimension for fast and sustainable building: we prefabricate entire room cells from timber in the factory, which are then assembled on site. From planning to production to the turnkey building – get to know DERIX modular construction.

Wooden residential buildings

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