Urea resin glue:
Resistance of glued joints

Urea resin glue is a high-quality adhesive used in various applications due to its excellent resistance and high-strength properties.

Urea resin glue is known for its excellent resistance to various chemicals and environmental influences. This makes it ideal for applications where high durability of the glue line is required. In particular, it is colourless and lightfast, which means that the glue line will not discolour or change even after a long time.

High strength of urea resin glue

Urea resin glue is characterised by its high strength and excellent resistance to various environmental influences. This allows it to be used in applications where high resilience is required. In particular, it is widely used in woodworking as it helps to ensure that the construction remains stable. However, urea resin glue is inelastic and brittle, which can be a problem in some applications.

Sensitivity to
alternating climatic stresses

Urea resin glue is resistant to cold and heat. This makes it suitable for applications where the adhesive joint is exposed to extreme temperatures. However, it is sensitive to alternating climatic loads that can damage or even destroy the joint. The adhesive joint can therefore only absorb the swelling and shrinkage of the wood to a limited extent.

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