Three-hinged frame:
Efficient & economical supporting structure

Three-hinged structures belong to the statically determinate systems and are extremely efficient load-bearing structures that are characterised by a minimal amount of material. Three-hinged frames are one of the forms of three-hinged structures and are used in various areas such as riding halls, sports and recreation buildings, industrial and storage halls and agricultural purposes.

The advantages of three-hinged frames

Three-hinged frames are characterised by their extremely efficient force transmission and low foundation costs, making them one of the highest quality load-bearing structures. Due to their bending-resistant corners, they can be designed as finger-jointed, curved, as an open connection with tension and compression beams or with bar dowel circles. The assembly of the last two variants can take place on the construction site, making the transport problem less crucial.

Restrictions on use

However, three-hinged frames are not suitable for all applications due to their design. Their use is restricted by transport possibilities and space requirements, which applies in particular to the installation of crane runways and gantry cranes. Nevertheless, solutions can be found for this as well.

Variations of three-hinged frames

Three-hinged frames come in different shapes such as the rectangular three-hinged frame, the arched three-hinged frame and the triangular three-hinged frame. Each shape has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be selected according to need.


Three-hinged frames are an extremely efficient and economical load-bearing structure that can be used in a variety of applications. Despite some limitations in their use, three-hinged frames are a very attractive option for many construction projects due to their minimal amount of material and low foundation costs.


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