Threaded rods in timber construction

Glued-in threaded rods are an effective method of absorbing transverse tensile forces and reinforcing components in timber construction. They can be used especially in the ridge area of pitched cambered beams or when supporting beams on columns. But they also offer a reliable way of transmitting forces in the case of high normal forces between structural components.

Absorbing transverse tensile forces in timber construction

In timber construction, transverse tensile forces often occur at right angles to the grain direction of the wood and can lead to a weakening of the component. Threaded rods offer a solution here by absorbing the occurring forces and dissipating them in the longitudinal direction of the wood. Especially in the ridge area of gable roof beams, they are therefore a common method of strengthening the construction.

Reinforce bearings
of beams on supports

Threaded rods can also be used to reinforce the construction when beams are supported on columns. Gluing the rods into the timber components creates a strong connection that can transmit high normal forces with small cross-sectional dimensions. In this way, a high level of stability can be ensured even with difficult constructions.

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