Surveillance mark glulam

The glulam surveillance mark was created by companies that produce BS timber. With this mark, they confirm that their product has properties that go beyond the requirements of the building authorities and that it is of above-average quality. In doing so, the label holders commit to complying with stricter production requirements, to declaring the surface quality and to in-house and external monitoring of the product that goes well beyond the requirements of DIN EN 14080: 2013.

Requirements and monitoring:
What mark holders must fulfil

In order for a company to be allowed to use the glulam surveillance mark, it must fulfil the requirements of the building authorities. This includes, among other things, proof of suitability for gluing load-bearing timber components and compliance with the production requirements of DIN EN 14080 or DIN 1052-10. In addition, the mark holders must carry out the in-house and external monitoring required by the building authorities.

Tests in in-house and external monitoring

In-house monitoring involves taking and testing finger-joint bending samples of the highest lamella strength class produced on the day. The glue joint strength of the surface bondings is checked by shear tests or delamination tests. The surface quality is declared using the classes of the glulam data sheet.

The external monitoring goes beyond the finger joint bending tests from lamellas of the highest lamella strength class and delamination tests on end sections. Here, the entire production process from goods receipt to joinery is inspected by the external inspectors and compliance with provisions on organisational quality is checked. This includes, for example, the approval of working drawings and the training of employees.

Surveillance mark glulam stands for quality

The glulam surveillance mark confirms a quality that goes beyond the requirements of the building authorities and a high level of product safety. The mark holders commit themselves to strict production requirements as well as to in-house and external monitoring of the product. This ensures a high level of quality assurance from production to joinery.


Individual glulam

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