Support reinforcement in timber construction

Timber components that are stressed transversely to the grain direction often have to be reinforced due to the low strengths and stiffnesses in this stress direction. This applies not only to components subjected to transverse tensile stress, but often also to areas of concentrated transverse compressive stress, e.g. support areas.

In practice, self-drilling fully threaded screws are usually used for support reinforcement. In addition, a steel plate must be placed in the support area to distribute the compressive force evenly over all the fully threaded screws. For girders with a large span, an elastomeric bearing is often additionally used under the steel plate to ensure the rotatability of the support and thus the uniform load application.

Support reinforcement is therefore a proven method to improve the load-bearing capacity and stability of timber components. Self-drilling fully threaded screws, steel plates and elastomeric bearings are important components in the implementation of support reinforcement in timber construction.

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