Spruce wood

Spruce wood comes from the tree Picea abies (Latin for spruce) and is a straight-grained softwood that does not differ in colour between sapwood and heartwood. With its uniform light colouring, it is whitish, mostly yellowish-white and darkens under the influence of light.

Annual rings and markings of spruce wood

Depending on the growing area, the annual rings of the spruce are either narrow or very wide and well separated from each other. The transition from the light, whitish early wood to the reddish-yellow late wood takes place gradually within the annual rings. On the longitudinal surfaces, the contrasting colour of the latewood and the sharp marking of the annual ring boundaries create distinctive patches (in tangential section) or stripes (in radial section).

Other characteristics of spruce wood

Spruce wood has a silky sheen on planed surfaces and a resinous smell when fresh. It is very similar to the wood of the fir. Overall, the wood is light-coloured and without heartwood colouration. The earlywood-latewood areas are clearly pronounced and the annual ring boundaries are well marked.

Overall character:
Straight-grained, light-coloured coniferous wood without heartwood colouration with clear earlywood-latewood areas and correspondingly well-marked annual ring boundaries.

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