Pressing pressure in wood glue construction

In the gluing process of wood lamellas, the pressing pressure plays a decisive role. Especially in the production of glulam and X-LAM, a certain pressing pressure is of great importance in order to achieve an optimal bond and thus a high-quality end product.

Pressing pressure in the
production of laminated timber

In the production of laminated timber, a pressure of about 0.8 N/mm² is applied. In this process, several layers of wooden lamellas are placed on top of each other and glued together under high pressure. The pressing pressure strengthens the bond between the individual lamellas and gives the glulam greater strength and stability.

Pressing pressure during the
production of X-LAM

X-LAM consists of at least three layers of sawn timber glued together at right angles to each other. A certain pressing pressure is also decisive in the production of X-LAM. Here, a somewhat lower pressure of about 0.5 N/mm² is applied.


Individual glulam

With our glued laminated timber (glulam), individual constructions can be built, because we produce the components in almost any shape and size – entirely according to your wishes. The kiln-dried wooden boards are joined together by finger-jointing to form long lamellas. Discover our wide range of glulam products.

X-LAM element construction

Whether roof, ceiling or wall – X-LAM can be used in a variety of ways. Our X-LAM element construction gives you great freedom in building design. The flexibly usable elements made of cross laminated timber are custom-made for you and can be assembled quickly and easily.

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