Lamella structure

Homogeneous glulam for tensile loads

When glulam is made from lamellas of only one grading class , it is referred to as homogeneous glulam. Components subjected to tensile stress should have a homogeneous structure.

Combined lamella construction for beams in bending

In the case of bending beams, a combined construction using lamellas of different grading classes is possible. Higher strength class lamellas are used at the tension edge, while lamellas of the next lower strength class are used in the interior or at the compression edge.

Additional specifications for lamella construction

There are further specifications for lamella construction regarding the arrangement or rotation of outer lamellas, lamellas from two adjacent boards, and block-glued composite components.


Individual glulam

With our glued laminated timber (glulam), individual constructions can be built, because we produce the components in almost any shape and size – entirely according to your wishes. The kiln-dried wooden boards are joined together by finger-jointing to form long lamellas. Discover our wide range of glulam products.

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