First step:
Preparation of a CO2 balance

If a company wants to reduce its CO2 emissions or even use the designation “climate neutral” for itself or one of its products, the first step is to draw up a CO2 balance. The result of this balance shows how much CO2 or CO2 equivalents are emitted.

CO2 compensation
through the purchase of certificates

The company can now try to reduce these emissions as much as possible. The emissions that cannot be avoided can then be offset by the company through the purchase of CO2 certificates. For this, certified climate protection projects must be selected that operate worldwide and carry out projects such as reforestation, revitalisation of peatlands or the development of regenerative energy.

CO2 compensation as a savings potential

The basic idea behind CO2 compensation is that emissions that cannot be avoided, or can only be avoided with enormous effort, are reduced or stored elsewhere instead, so that potential savings can be better utilised worldwide.


Sustainable building with wood

Wood is a renewable and natural raw material that stores CO2 and thus relieves the environment. Buildings made of wood thus have a positive effect on the atmosphere and always remain a source of raw materials due to the reusability of wood. Learn more about the topic of sustainability when building with wood.

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