CNC joinery: Precise component machining

CNC joinery is an advanced technology that enables components to be machined with the highest precision. This technology is based on CNC, which stands for computerised numerical control. With CNC trimming, both straight and curved components can be machined with a wide variety of tools and machining units to ensure precise machining of the contour of the components. Connectors and fasteners can also be machined with high precision.

CNC joinery method

The CNC joinery process begins with a digital 3D CAD model of the component, which serves as the starting point for controlling the CNC equipment. With the help of CAM software (computer-aided manufacturing), the machine-specific machining programme (NC code) for controlling the CNC system is generated. Modern woodworking CNC systems often have industry-specific CAM software that automatically generates the NC programme from the CAD file.

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