Bending refers to a specific type of deformation that can occur in a variety of contexts. In the context of the board lamina, it is a shift of the gravity axis towards either the strong or the weak axis.

Longitudinal bending:
A form of curvature

Longitudinal bending, a special form of bending, occurs when there is a deformation of the board lamella’s gravity axis in the direction of the strong or weak axis. It is a significant type of bending that can affect the stability and function of the board lamella.

Bending and twisting:
the difference

While bending and twisting may appear similar, they actually denote different types of deformation. Unlike longitudinal bending, which is a displacement in the direction of the strong or weak axis, twisting refers to a deformation along the gravity axis of the board lamina in the longitudinal direction. This makes it a unique form of bending.

Longitudinal bending:


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