Petrol station and service area,
Petrol station and service area,
Petrol station and service area,

Hellweg service area
at a glance

The Hellweg Süd service area in Geseke is located on the A44 and covers a total area of 6,320 m². The timber construction is limited to the roof of the fuel and service area, while the remaining areas were built using other building materials. The facility has shops, kitchen catering, offices and hygiene rooms. There is also an indoor play area for children, which can be viewed from the seating areas, and a large terrace. With its appealing architecture and the wooden elements used, the Hellweg Süd service area invites visitors to linger and offers numerous opportunities for a pleasant stay.

Hellweg South motorway service area
at a glance

Service area with
imposing wooden architecture

The Hellweg Süd service area in Geseke impresses not only with its generous size of 864 m² of usable space and dimensions of 28.8 m x 38.8 m, but also with its impressive architecture and imposing timber construction. The cantilevered, curved roof of the service station was connected to the existing roof of the petrol station, with the steel columns of the petrol station serving as supports. The lattice-like structure of the roof framework, made of 80 curved BSH arched girders, has a space-defining and open design. Suspended transverse bulkheads complement the construction. The roof slab consists of 791 glulam elements connected with OSB strips. A green roof and 5 striking pairs of design round supports round off the overall appearance of the service area. An additional highlight is the Hellweg in the centre of the service area, which has been prepared as a nature trail by interior designer Sabine Trömel.
Construction Glulam (curved components as main beams, transverse bulkheads and roof elements)
Construction time February 2019-April 2020
Volume of the wooden components 157.37 m³
Stored CO2 in the construction 119.44 tCO2
Avoided CO2 in the construction 143.44 tCO2
Regrowth speed in german forests 5 minutes
Client Brüggemann Holzbau GmbH & Co. KG, D-Neuenkirchen
Building owner Shell Germany Oil GmbH, D-Hamburg
Architects ProjektPlan GmbH, D-Georgsmarienhütte
Engineering office Structural analysis Engineering Office for Structural Design and Building Construction, Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Pax, D-Bad Iburg
Connection statics, timber planning, delivery and assembly of the timber elements DERIX-Group,


The roof construction was developed and optimised in partnership.

“We have already successfully realised a whole series of projects with the DERIX Group. In the case of the “Gesecke service area” project, the geometrically demanding roof structures were developed together in partnership at an early stage and optimised for practical feasibility. This close cooperation on an equal footing led in the result and by means of effective works planning to a precisely fitting and economical construction.”

Roland Springmeyer • Head of Engineering Department, Project Management at SAINT-GOBAIN Brüggemann Holzbau GmbH

The advantages through
wood in the Hellweg service area

The impressive construction of the Hellweg Süd service area in Geseke picks up on the Hellweg as well as its surrounding fertile Börd landscape with post-glacial loess soils. The topographical timber construction architecture enabled a harmonious connection between the past and the present and the organically curved, green roofscape also gives the building a unique and natural appearance. The building material wood made it possible to realise a free form and thus a particularly aesthetic and individual construction. Due to the size of the construction, BSH was used instead of X-LAM, as it better meets the static requirements.


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