Refugee accommodation

Refugee accommodation

Refugee accommodation

Refugee accommodation
made of wood

The refugee shelter in Erkelenz, built with wooden modules, is located on the street “An der Windmühle” and accommodates 80 people. On both sides of the identical storeys, eleven rooms line the compact corridor, ten of which are individual living units. In the permanent accommodation, four residents each share a 23 m² room. The sanitary areas are each located between two rooms and are used by eight residents each from their rooms. In addition to the sanitary facilities, the rooms are equipped with a kitchenette. The eleventh room, arranged one above the other, is used as a laundry room on the upper floor and as a lounge on the ground floor.

Refugee accommodation Erkelenz
at a glance

Prefabricated and finished
wooden modules

The refugee shelter in Erkelenz is founded on proven strip foundations. The side access core and the rest of the construction is made of wooden modules prefabricated in the factory. The staircase in the development core is made of concrete. The 24 timber modules were made of DERIX X-LAM and glulam and approx. 90 % of them were prefabricated in the factory. The finishing work included the installation of the windows, facade bands and the pre-commissioned facade panels, the finished bathrooms as well as electrical, heating, sanitary and ventilation installations.
Building project Refugee accommodation Erkelenz, Neuhaus, 41812 Erkelenz
Construction Wooden module construction
Completion 2016
Construction time 13 weeks construction time, 6 weeks prefabrication
Volume of the wooden components 332 m³
Stored CO2 in the construction 252 tCO2
Avoided CO2 in the construction 302.39 tCO2
Regrowth speed in german forests 9 minutes
Building owner City of Erkelenz
Architecture Structural Engineering Office, City of Erkelenz
Engineering office DERIX-Group
Planning, production and assembly of the wooden modules DERIX-Group

Fast construction time
due to prefabricated modules

Thanks to the wooden modular construction, the refugee accommodation was built in only 13 weeks. The modules, which were protected from the weather for transport, were assembled on site step by step. The hallway of the refugee accommodation was created by placing 2D-X-Lam elements on the room modules. Directly after this, the joint areas between the modules were closed in terms of construction and building physics. This was immediately followed by the roofing work of the monopitch roof. At the same time, the interior finishing work was carried out, including supplementary drywall work in the joint areas, painting work and supplementary flooring and interior doors.


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