Residential house,
Kulkje (NL)
Residential house,
Kulkje (NL)
Residential house,
Kulkje (NL)

Holiday home “Het Kulkje”
on Vlieland

The holiday home “Het Kulkje” on the Dutch North Sea island of Vieland impresses with its modern and unusual architecture, which blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. The processed wood and the cosy interior furnishings provide relaxing feel-good moments. Due to the difficult approval situation on the island, the house was built as a replacement building.

Het Kulkje Vlieland
at a glance

Unique & modern
residence on auf Vlieland

The special feature of the house’s construction is the use of a BSH post-and-beam structure and a roof made of X-LAM elements in pine. The foundation level with basement consists of reinforced concrete and is completely embedded in adjacent sand dunes. A composite construction of galvanised steel was built around the central staircase to stiffen the structure. The roof of the house consists of 15 cm thick, large-format X-LAM panels and was staged as an inverted ship’s hull. The load is transferred via a glulam post-and-beam construction. A glazed area was used on the ground floor of the house. The X-LAM floor of the attic was suspended in the roof structure for stabilisation. The folded roof of the house interprets the form of the gable roof in a novel way without resorting to rafters or trusses.
Building project Ferienhaus Kulkje, Duinkersoord 58A, NL-8899 KC Oost-Vlieland
Construction Glulam post-and-beam construction and roof made of X-LAM (pine)
Completion September 2017
Volume of the wooden components 63.87 m³
Stored CO2 in the construction 48.48 tCO2
Avoided CO2 in the construction 58.17 tCO2
Regrowth speed in german forests 2 minutes
Client Bouwbedrijf Dick Visser
Architects Borren Staalenhoef Architecten, NL-8913 CK Leeuwarden,
Engineering office Adviesbureau Lüning B.V., NL-6881 NK Velp,
Workshop planning and delivery of the wooden elements DERIX-Group,

The advantages through
wood at Kulkje Holiday Home

The choice of materials for the construction was influenced by the natural shapes and structures that characterise the topography of Watt Island. For this reason, wood was chosen as a natural and lightweight material that lends itself well to the complex roof design and provides excellent thermal insulation and acoustics. Wood is also a sustainable building material that is derived from renewable resources and thus minimises environmental impact. The holiday home is also deconstructible due to the wooden elements, which is very important for the location on the island.

Why was DERIX
chosen as the provider?

DERIX Group was contracted for this particular construction project because of its comprehensive range of services, which enabled it to respond excellently to the complex shape of the roof and facilitate the cost-efficient production of the X-LAM elements. The project was small but involved many challenging finishes, including lighting. DERIX was also able to provide the client with recommendations regarding surface qualities and colour systems and to visit a reference project (SARA shop) together, as well as to assist with logistics – this contributed to the decision, in addition to the price. The comprehensive service of the DERIX Group and the great added value were therefore important factors in the selection of DERIX as a supplier.


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