Glulam – Secondary structures
Bracing systems

Glulam – Secondary structures
Bracing systems

Bracing systems

The overturning forces from truss side loads in hall structures must be dissipated via bracing braces or sheaves. The tilting forces of the beams in this area must be transferred to the bracing panels via appropriate compression or tension members or via trapezoidal steel sheets. The distance between the holding points or the fixing points on the beam is usually 5 – 7 m and is determined by the structural engineer.
The bracing is often also designed to transfer wind forces to the gable ends. The gable supports are then stored in a suspended position and can be easily dismantled or relocated in the event of a later hall extension. The bracing can be executed using steel crosses or compression- and tension-resistant diagonal bracing made of wood. Bracing made of glulam can be economically executed in fire resistance classes R 30 and R 60.
If the roof slab is used to brace the structure, it must be ensured that the structure is adequately secured during the construction phase. In the case of pure loading of the bracings from overturning forces, the loads do not need to be transferred into the foundation soil in the case of “closed” bracing systems.
Pressure and tensile stiff connection

Association node

Connection beam support

Crossed diagonals stressed only on tension

Rising and falling diagonals

Falling diagonals


Span 10 – 70 m
Roof pitch
Usual beam spacing (other dimensions possible) 5 – 7 m
Beam width (2 cm preferred dimensions each) 10 to 26 cm
Cantilevers possible on both sides
Height of components (for structural design) h1 = l/16 ; h2 = l/20 to l/25
Possible fire resistance classes R 30 > without problems
R 60 > with additional costs
Preferred strength classes GL 24h/c, GL 28c, GL 30c

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