Building circularly:
DERIX house seeks new home

DERIX Group sells wooden structure for reuse

Only a few months ago, the DERIX Group, as a manufacturing company in engineered timber construction, took a big step in the direction of climate protection, circularity and circular construction and made the return of used timber components standard for its customers.

Now the company, which is committed to protecting the environment and aligns its production processes strictly with the principles of sustainability and resource conservation, is following suit: DERIX is cooperating with Concular, a team of experts from the construction sector and the digital industry that has set itself the goal of making the reuse of building materials simple and profitable. A current project of Concular includes the marketing of the DERIX house, which is to be deconstructed at its current location and its wooden structure rebuilt elsewhere.

The DERIX house is a two-storey residential house in which the family lived for many years. It was planned in 1975 by the renowned expert in structural timber engineering, civil engineer Prof. Julius Natterer, and implemented by DERIX. The robust, timeless wooden construction can be used flexibly and allows a wide range of design options. Thus, thanks to the column-free space, it can be used not only as a residential building, but also as a kindergarten, visitor centre or yoga spot, to name just a few possibilities.

“I find it remarkable that my parents’ house, which was built almost 50 years ago, offers such flexible reuse possibilities. At that time, there were neither circular concepts nor was the reuse of building components even an issue. And yet the entire cantilevered timber construction of the building can be used so flexibly that it can now be reused elsewhere for a different need. There is no clearer way to show the circular potential that lies in timber construction,” finds Markus Derix, managing owner of the DERIX Group.

“We are very pleased that, directly after the introduction of our take-back obligation for our used timber components, we can now show on a concrete object how circular construction works,” adds Markus Steppler, Sales Manager at DERIX Group. “What we are doing now with the DERIX house should become the standard for all buildings made of wood in the future.”

Annabelle von Reutern, architect and responsible for business development at Concular, is pleased about the fruitful cooperation: “The DERIX House is predestined for circular use: the construction provides the necessary flexibility and the condition of the components is impeccable. That is what sustainable building is all about: A resilience to time and use. The large number of enquiries we receive about the DERIX House show that the time is ripe for the implementation and establishment of a new, circular type of building.”

For more information on Concular, please contact Annabelle von Reutern at annabelle.vonreutern@concular.com.

Concular UG (limited liability)
Sattelstraße 38b
70327 Stuttgart

+49 711 400 990 98


Managing Directors: Dominik Campanella, Julius Schäufele

About Concular

Our vision at Concular is to help the construction industry become resource efficient and CO2 neutral. Our team of experts from the construction sector and the digital industry work together on professional solutions to get a little closer to this vision every day.

DERIX and Concular have joined forces to advance circular building. We believe that circular construction requires a systemic change that we can only achieve together with our partners. Therefore, we support all actors within the circular value chain to jointly build local circular systems and make them resilient and adaptable to withstand increasingly complex global and local challenges.

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